Magical Midlife

Being 'Brave Enough' with Jo Moseley

January 19, 2022 Lindsay de Swart Season 4 Episode 7
Magical Midlife
Being 'Brave Enough' with Jo Moseley
Show Notes

Have you ever been told that you're too old to do something, or that your goal is too big or too tough for you? This, along with some other key factors, is what motivated Jo Moseley to become the first woman to paddle board from England's East to West Coast, on canals!  She also made a wonderful film about it, called Brave Enough, which we talk about in today's episode.
Jo is so humble about her achievements, both the paddle boarding and also about the film, which is now winning awards!

You can watch Brave Enough,  A Journey Home to Joy, here and also listen to Jo's podcast, The Joy of SUP.
Jo's website is Jo where you can find more about what she's up to with work and play!

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