Magical Midlife

Cyber Sober Special with Elaine Uskoski

April 06, 2022 Lindsay de Swart Season 5 Episode 9
Magical Midlife
Cyber Sober Special with Elaine Uskoski
Show Notes

Is video gaming an issue with your kids or young adults? Are you concerned that after covid, video gaming has taken an unhealthy hold on your kids?

Today's guest, Elaine Uskoski, is an author, speaker and coach to families who are struggling with someone who is addicted to video games. Elaine's personal story, which she also now tells publicly with her son, Jake, shares the care givers perspective on identifying if or when this is happening, and also what you can do to intervene. She shares how she had to find resources and became a speaker on the topic that wasn't being talked about when she needed it!

Helping our young adults is a role that is undefined and unchartered - at what stage do we step in, verses letting them stand on their own two feet.

You can find Elaine at her website, on social media and buy her book, Cyber Sober  - a caregiver's guide to video gaming addiction.

Please feel free to share this episode with friends who may be dealing with this issue within their family. There is help available. 

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