Magical Midlife

Learning to fall with Jackie Hope

March 29, 2022 Season 5 Episode 8
Magical Midlife
Learning to fall with Jackie Hope
Show Notes

Imagine starting extreme sports late in your 40's? Imagine making a whole new set of friends and building a new community based on outdoor and adventure living?

It may seem far fetched, but Jackie Hope and her husband Ray, did just this and now have a whole like minded community called the Midlife Mountaineers. They also now make films about their adventures and about others in the community too.

Listen to Jackie's story about struggling with anxiety and a fear of heights, and how neither one stopped her from doing what she loves now.

You can find Jackie and Ray at their website, Midlife Mountaineer and at all their social media accounts by the same name. You'll love their instagram - that's where I first saw Jackie! Their pictures and stories are breathtaking.

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